We Put You In The Drivers Seat Of Your Own Well-Being!

At Grounded Roots Wellness, our commitment is to you, our client - assisting you in achieving your goals, dreams & holistic wellness!

Providing Holistic Well-Being Means We Nurture
Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

We start with whatever will move you most rapidly toward your goals.
Or, if you're an "over-achiever", you can start with all three!

  • Life Coaching

    We help Big and Little ideas become Big Realities!

    Bridging life transitions such as empty nesting, job loss, new graduate, divorce, death of a loved one, moving, custody issues and much more.

  • Fitness & Nutrition

    Fueling, Nurturing and Moving your body are the keys to a healthy lifestyle!

    At Grounded Roots Wellness Inc, we start where you are and support you to move in the direction of physical wellbeing!  Regardless of your nutritional, weight and fitness goals, we have the tools to get you there!

  • Healing and Intuition

    Did you know… illness presents itself in the aura long before it is symptomized within the body?

    Did you also know… emotional and spiritual issues have a direct connection with both illness and with healing?

We're Here For You!

At Grounded Roots Wellness Inc., our commitment is to our clients and assisting them in achieving their goals, dreams and holistic wellness through a variety of services and individualized plans, putting them in the drivers seat of their own well-being.

"Life doesn't come with a remote control... You have to get up and change it Yourself!"...
...But luckily you have Grounded Roots Wellness to run along side, cheering you on!


Please note:  The services we provide DO NOT replace western medicine.  We look forward to joining your wellness team, however medical treatment will always be referred back to your licensed medical professional.

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