Bringing Forward brain Injury Awareness with special guest, Amy Zellmer

Sam is excited to welcome back, Amy Zellmer to discuss current research and trends in Brain Injury/Concussions/TBI, as well as the Brain Health Online Summit that Amy has been working on!  That summit begins on June 5 and will feature amazing guests and professionals to help you learn what you need to know about Concussions and how to heal!

Sam Black is the Executive Director of Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. and is also a Brain Injury Survivor!  Hit by an impaired driver in 2013, Sam understands too well how much your life and the life of those you love is impacted while loving with a brain injury!  Although living with Post Concussion Syndrome, Sam chooses to focus on what she she has to offer the world and is a Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Psychic Medium!  Her passion is helping others find the gems inside that help them to shine!

Amy Zellmer is the host and author of Faces of TBI, and is an ambassador of Brain Injury Awareness!  Having received a TBI from a fall, Amy also understands what faces those living with TBI symptoms and brings awareness to the world!  Amy is a photographer, author and her blogs are featured on the Huffington Post.

About The Author

Sam Black

Sam has a passion for helping others and facilitating healing so that her clients obtain holistic wellness and resolution. Sam is a Life Coach, specializing in relationships, self image and life transitions. She is a member of the Certified Coaches Federation™ and Healthy Wealthy and Wise®. She has had the honor of studying with world renowned teachers such as, Psychic-Medium, Lisa Williams and Energy Healer, Deborah King. Sam is a Certified Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Advisor with the LWISSD!

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