Connecting with Self and Spirit with special guest, Lisa Williams

Living your life purpose is certainly a catch phrase used in the self help world, and many ask “what does that actually even mean”?  Join Sam Black and special guest, Lisa Williams as they explore what walking their path has meant for them and also how their relationship with Self and with Spirit has impacted their journeys!

Sam Black is the Executive Director of Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. and is a Certified Psychic Medium, Wellness Coach, Healer and Master Coach.  Sam has a passion for helping others on their healing journey and assisting them in finding the gems of their life purpose!  Sam and he husband, Chris work with clients to bring wellness in to every area of life!

Lisa Williams is a world-renowned medium and clairvoyant with an amazing ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side and bring hope to her fans.  Born in England, Lisa was discovered by Merv Griffin, and has appeared on many TV shows, as well as performing in front of large live audiences worldwide. Lisa also offers workshops and courses in mediumship, developing psychic ability, intuition and meditation through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD), where she delivers her classes with her own unique and very hands-on method of teaching. Through the school, Lisa offers access to her personally trained and certified mediums and psychics who are part of the LWISSD Directory. Lisa has recently launched ‘The Confident Soul’, an online video series aimed at building confidence within relationships and in the workplace, and part of a new series of online courses. Lisa is a published author and she lives in Lilydale, NY with her son and two dogs.

About The Author

Sam Black

Sam has a passion for helping others and facilitating healing so that her clients obtain holistic wellness and resolution. Sam is a Life Coach, specializing in relationships, self image and life transitions. She is a member of the Certified Coaches Federation™ and Healthy Wealthy and Wise®. She has had the honor of studying with world renowned teachers such as, Psychic-Medium, Lisa Williams and Energy Healer, Deborah King. Sam is a Certified Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Advisor with the LWISSD!

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