Creating Magic in your Everyday with special guest Diomira Rose D’Agostino

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to access magic and happiness on even the most stressful of days?  Join Sam Black and her special guest, Diomira as they explore strategies and secrets to access what many beleive to be hidden or even unobtainable!  

Sam Black is the Executive Director of Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. and is a Master Coach, Trainer, Healer and Certified Psychic Medium.  Sam has a passion for helping others find the gems inside that bring them light, fulfillment and happines to their world.  

Diomira Rose D’Agostino is the founder of the Faery Light School and is excited to help others reconnect with the magic that lives inside each and every one of us!  In her youth, Diomira believed that there was more to life than what she could see and was experiencing, and so she has discovered her life purpose as being the messenger of this truth to the world.  Diomira has traveled the world and explored foreign lands only to discover that the truth and magic that she had been seeking was already all around her.  Diomira helps people from around the world unlock the language of the heart and connect with nature and the universe. Diomira offers coaching, workshops and even an Ireland Retreat! 

About The Author

Sam Black

Sam has a passion for helping others and facilitating healing so that her clients obtain holistic wellness and resolution. Sam is a Life Coach, specializing in relationships, self image and life transitions. She is a member of the Certified Coaches Federation™ and Healthy Wealthy and Wise®. She has had the honor of studying with world renowned teachers such as, Psychic-Medium, Lisa Williams and Energy Healer, Deborah King. Sam is a Certified Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Advisor with the LWISSD!

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