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Offering DDP Yoga, Nordic Pole Walking & 1-on-1 Assessments

Find the fitness program that's right for you.  Not sure?
Our fitness assessments can help you focus where it matters most.

  • DDP Yoga

    DDPYoga provides a great aerobic workout that builds strength and endurance with ZERO IMPACT on your joints. Not to mention, the workouts are a lot of fun!

    It also comes with a great support system and a team atmosphere that encourages accountability and results.

  • Nordic Pole Walking

    No, we won’t make you climb mountains! Nordic Pole Walking offers an aerobic workout, that supports your back and neck, while having low impact on joints such as knees and hips!

    This is a fantastic option for those who struggle with increased weight or pain issues.

  • One-on-One Assessments

    With a 1 on 1 Fitness Assessment, Chris can help you target the best places to get the most critical results.  The benefits that will most impact your lifestyle and goals.

    Chris will work with you to create a clear, measurable and focused plan to get your where you want to go.


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