DDP Yoga - Level 1 Instruction

Build aerobic endurance and strength with Zero joint impact!

DDP Yoga has been developed by former three-time WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World Diamond Dallas Page, initially in response to an injury to his lower back after years in the wrestling ring. Page was like most guys who roll their eyes at the very mention of the word yoga.

However, after seeing how good a workout yoga was for his wife, he decided to give it a try.

He mixed in some rehabilitation moves, old school calisthenics, core strength-training, and added the use of "Dynamic Resistance" and developed a program that he originally called Yoga for Regular Guys which evolved into DDP Yoga.

Dallas n ChrisIn late 2012, Chris was inspired to search for a sustainable workout program that came with a realistic nutrition guide to help him get into shape and live a more complete and energetic lifestyle. In his search he stumbled upon DDP Yoga, watched Arthur's inspirational transformation (the one shown above) and made the decision to, as DDP says in his inspirational video "Living Life at 90%," OWN his life and ordered the program.

DDP Yoga provides a great aerobic workout that builds strength and endurance with ZERO IMPACT on your joints.

DDP Yoga WorkshopNot to mention, the workouts are a lot of fun! It also comes with a great support system and a team atmosphere that encourages accountability and results.

Chris is in the process of becoming certified as a DDP Yoga Level 1 Instructor and is looking forward to sharing the greatest workout on the planet with everyone at Grounded Roots Wellness Center!

Join Chris for DDP Yoga Level 1 and Beginner Classes!

DDP Yoga Class Pricing

Single Class: $12
5 Class Pass: $55
10 Class Pass: $100

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