Life Coaching

Create The Life You Want.  The Life You Deserve!

Get Where You Want To Go - Today!

"Life doesn't come with a remote control...
You have to get up and change it Yourself!"

...But luckily, you have Grounded Roots Wellness to run along side, cheering you on!

flower pot island stairsWhat Are The Benefits of Life Coaching?

  • Helping big and little ideas become Big Realities!
  • Goal Setting that works - and how to break tasks in to manageable steps
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Bridging life transitions (empty nesting, job loss, new graduate, divorce, death of a loved one, moving, custody issues and more)
  • Stress Management
  • Holistic Parenting Support
  • Discover your Powerful Skill Set
  • Business and management coaching
  • Direct Sales Coaching
  • Strategy Toolkit
  • Encouragement, Confidential and Professional Support

Life Coaching Packages

Call To Learn More at (905) 358-3048 or Email at 

Getting Started

Intro Session:
Get 1 Intro Session for $185
Coaching - Intro Session

Starter Package:
Get 1-2 Sessions per Month for $250
Coaching - Starter Package (1-2 visits per month)

Accelerated Package:
Get 2-4 Sessions per Month for $495
Accelerated Coaching Package

Rapid Results Packages

3 Month Package:
Get 2-4 Sessions per Month for $1250
3 Month Accelerated Package

6-Month Package:
Get 2-4 Sessions per Month for $2250
6 Month Accelerated Package

12-Month Package:
Get 2-4 Sessions per Month for $4000
12 Month Accelerated Package

Group Rates:
Get 2 Sessions per Month per Person for $99
*Minimum of 6 Participants.  Call to Book.

ccf-member-certmascoachRest assured that Grounded Roots Wellness Coaches are fully certified and experienced to help you reach your goals and create the life you truly deserve!

Sam Black is a Certified Master Coach and Chris Black is a Certified Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation.

Sam and Chris are also members of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Coaching Program!  If you would like to learn more please watch this comprehensive video and set up an appointment to learn more!


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